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With the size, quality & precision of our two laser machines

​​We are able to cut a vast range of


Timber and Acrylic sheeting

Paper and Cardstock,

Leathers and Cloth

Cork Board, Foam Board, and Rubber

Corflute Project Panels

As well as a large number of other materials

​​Up to a thickness of 20mm

and a total cut area of

2500mm (8ft 2in) x 1300mm (4ft 2in) in area.



​​​The speed and intensity that our lasers operate at will vary

depending on whether they are being used to cut or to engrave,

and based on the type of material being used.

Calling upon over 15 years of LaserCraft experience,

We are able to set up each laser perfectly

for every project's exact requirements,

ensuring that even on the most precious of items,

each cut is clean & precise

and every engraving is detail-perfect and crystal clear.


We take pride in Your Designs,

This is why we keep them Original.

We make 100% sure that we work with

your specifications to Create exactly what you want.


​​Whatever it is...!!!

Whether it's a Wedding Table or Theater Set,

Something to hang from your Ears, or Swing on your Clothes Line…

From Retail Shop Signage to Celebration Cake Toppers,

Marks & Burns can Make it Happen.

© 2022 Marks & Burns

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