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Move over BITCOIN, Go to Hell NFT 

This is a Double-Drop Debut Dose Deal Day  

at the Blotters of Oz. 




The Mind-Melting Crypto Creation by Joel Perrett 


100% Designed, Printed & Perfectly Perforated at the Down Under Studios of the Blotters of Oz  

A Must-Have for any Serious Blotter Art Collector. 


These Blotters are printed using Organic Inks,  

On 250gsm locally sourced 'A' grade Pure Cotton Blotter Paper,  

Expertly trimmed & perforated into 7.5”x 7.5” Blotter Art sheets of 900 square. 


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this stunning and rare artwork. 


And for those looking to hit the Double Drop, 

YOU'RE IN LUCK.....!!!


To make this experience even more mind-blowing,

Joel has gone the extra mile and has physically minted


Collectable TRYPCOIN tokens....


Exclusively available with your Blotter purchase! 


Each TRYPCOIN Token holds a Value

Far Beyond the Visual Novelty of the Trippy Patterns, 

Each Limited-Edition TRYPCOIN Token is in fact a TRYPTO-CRYPTO! 


Yes, that's right,

A Blotters of Oz Membership Crypto Token 

Allowing Access to Places, Pieces & Prices that others can only Trip-Out on. 


So Squeegee your Third Eye 

This is No time for a lack of Conscious Lucidity, 

These are Disappearing Faster than Free Tabs at Woodstock. 


It's time to get Lucy's feet back on the Ground,  

Cash in her diamonds, 

Stop tripping out on the Artwork  

and hit the BUY NOW before it's too late.


PriceFrom $25.00

    © 2022 Marks & Burns

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