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Have you got No fucks to give  

When a fuck giving is due 

Have all the fucks you had to give 

Been given out by you 


Yeah, Life is pretty crazy  

But today you are in luck 

There is a jar to help you 

Give just a little Fuck. 


Someone flippin’ trippin’ 

And all up in your zone, 

Grab a jar, and give a fuck  

to leave you the fuck alone  


A Wanker Larma farmer  

or Some Prick on the Street, 

If They're Bringing Drama,  

Fuck Coping The Heat. 


With Almost No Time Wasted,  

and No Worry on Display, 

Just grab and Give a Fuck  

and Fuck Off them Away 


$28.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price

    © 2022 Marks & Burns

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